Sunday, August 3, 2008

Korean Folk Village

So, Sunday, Donovan and I spent the early parts of the day downtown hunting for a power converter, but it was fun. At least we got to talk. Donovan is a smart guy, and think that I spoke more than he did, what a surprise.

Anyway, after lunch, 50 or so TaLK scholars went on a field trip to the Korean Folk Village, which is kinda like an outdoor museum meets an amusement park. It felt like a zoo with buildings instead of animals. Victoria, one of the girls I was with, said it was way better than Mt. Vernon..I guess she would know, she's from Virginia.

But yeah, Marie was my buddy and Simon was Victoria's, and since only Marie and I have cameras, things they stuck to us like glue so that they could get pictures of the place. We went the opposite direction than everyone else though, so we missed out on all the cool shows that went on 'cause we passed by while they were prepping. Oh well, teaches me for taking my own path.

But then it was home and more soup. Lame. But we start orientation tomorrow, so that'll be good.

Have fun peoples

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun! That's really good! Hopefully everything goes well and you guys don't get into trouble because of someone being stupid. That would be sucky.