Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last day of...

Well, friday was the last day of... It was strange for me because for other people it was something of a special day, but I'm coming back to the exact same situation, so nothing is changing for me, which made me feel as though I wasn't being as emotional as I should be. As I used to be a criminology major who focused on serial killers and those with sociopathic tendenancies, I'm always worried about my emotional involvement, because it seems as if I wouldn't be emotionally involved in anything if I didn't try. Basically, my natural state is selfishness, and it's selflessness that I strive for.

Anyway, it was the last day of... I leave that blank because it was the last day of many things. We took our Korean final, and I had to turn in my application for next semester's "Korean Intensive Program", which official puts an end to my Korean classes until September. Fortunately, if all goes according to plan, next year, I'll only be studying Korean, which means that I will have seriously less stress as all my homework will be related to the topic I WANT to study anyway.

But it was also the last day of teaching until August 17th, which is consequently just a few days shy of being one month away. Of course, I don't have a vacation, since they expect me to plan all of my supplimental english classes during this time off. I don't think that Koreans really understand the point of vacation. If their idea of tours is any indication, they need to go back and relearn some things.

However, it wasn't officially the last day, so we didn't get an official send-off, but the principal did give Eun-mi and I a 50,000 won bonus...what was interesting is that it was actually a 50,000 won bill. I didn't even know they made those things, but apparently they do, and now I have one. Of course, I'm not going to spend it...not if I can help it :P

Anyway, I had a meeting with some people, so I said goodbye to Eun-mi as she was getting on the bus to go back to town, but I know that we'll see each other again, because unlike the mission, I can travel out to Kwangju to see her if I want, and I can call her and other such, so there's not that big of a separation...not like there was during the mission days. Maybe that's why I'm not that emotionally involved, because I've already been part of something that when it ended, it was a big deal, but this is like a small deal, though everyone is still treating it like it's a big deal. It's like Marie said, "I don't know if I'll ever see any of these people ever again." But, I know that if you really want to, there's not that much stopping you. Besides, aside from Amanda and Grant, everyone else I can see by driving...well, anyone I'd want to see anyway. I mean, I made friends with other people, but it's not like the girls from New Zealand, aside from Jung-mi, tried to get to know me.

So, yeah, I'm slowly beginning to see the world as a very small place. I'm glad I made the friends I made, glad I made the connections I've made, but internet social networking groups have made it really easy to stay in contact, despite a giant ocean in between you. I can go on to facebook and drop a line to Jackson in England and be like, "What's new, bro" and after a period of time, he comes back with, "Oh, you know, dating, etc." and we keep in touch. The world is not as big as it used to be. Not that big at all.

Anyway, it was also the last day for the POE free Korean Class. We spent half the time having a small lesson with Charles, and then we spent the other half the time learning more about Korean music with Joon-Yeong. We did the Arirang like 6 times, which is cool because now I know the words and tune pretty well (not memorized, but the tune is there, so eventually maybe). Afterwards, we all went to a bbq place and had ourselves some delicious Kalbi...mmm Kalbi. I'm getting so used to Korean spicy foods, that I'm actually wanting Kimchi JJigae today. No friggin kidding.

So, yeah, then there was the last awkward goodbyes at the bus stop, followed by the random last accidental lunch meeting on saturday, which was once again followed by the awkward final goodbyes at the bus stop. It made Mao laugh because I said the exact same thing to Grant on saturday as I said on friday (on purpose of course), which apparently Grant didn't catch until Mao laughed. Guess I know who was paying attention :P. But, its true, I will probably never see Amanda in person again...eventhough she's supposed to give me the traditional Vietnamese hat that she was giving away. Hmm...wonder if I will ever see it.

The last days of the mission were really hard, but these last days don't seem like last days at all. Actually, I'm looking forward to a little break with my family and then coming back and digging right in. I want to rededicate myself to the goals that I have, becoming fluent in Korean, losing weight, etc. etc. etc. So, it was the last day of.... but it's more like a new beginning.

Happy trails people.

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