Sunday, September 13, 2009

Korean is like an MT on the top of Everest

It is currently 10:30am on a monday, about 2 hours before I have to leave for my school or else be too late, and about an hour and a half into my new and improved Korean Intensive course schedule. The intensive course is both amazing and really annoying at the same time. See, I'm learning a lot, and really fast, but the problem is that everything is too fast, and they expect too much out of us.

It's only the end of the second week, and I'm really behind. There was 30 pages of the workbook due last week, and I didn't have the time to do it. Also, each chapter has at least 80 new vocab words to study, so I've got a little study notebook thing full of words that I'm supposed to learn by the end of last week. Yikes.

Anyway, things are going good as far as the overall perspective. I'm getting screwed out of my housing money, but I'm going to move out next semester, which gives me a while to find an apartment. Meanwhile, the number of Foreigners, especially english speaking foreigners, has quadrupled in the neighborhood, so these days, I have some good friends that I'm spending a lot of time with. Granted, we're not usually speaking in Korean, but I have two Korean roommates now, and one isn't very good at english, so I'm getting a lot of Korean practice in. On top of my Korean classes that is.

Meanwhile, I have two Co-teachers at Chukkwa now. One is Shinji, a very cute and very interesting girl who's spent a lot of time abroad, and the other is Seung-min, who is also very cute and lived in the US for a year, staying in Portland for 3 months last year. That's been pretty cool as far as teaching goes. With them both, I speak english, which isn't as good as the situation with Eunmi, but these two girls all kinds of stories to tell me back, which is cool.

Anyway, I'm kinda busy with the homework and stuff, but I thought I'd drop a line to update things. I've got to get to my stuff, but basically, happy trails people.

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